Farming Simulator 22 Platinum expansion gameplay demo shown

2022-08-19 20:30:23 By : Mr. Yaxuan Zhang

Just recently, Giants Software announced the first major expansion for Farming Simulator 22 with the the Platinum Edition. This new expansion will contain dozens of new machinery, along with a brand-new map called Silverrun Forest that leans heavily into the logging industry. Following the announcement of Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Edition, Giants held its FarmCon event and revealed a gameplay demo for the new machines.

Volvo CE’s machinery will make their gaming debut with this expansion. As the leading lady for this occasion, Giants made sure to show off the Volvo L200H wheel loader in the gameplay demo, among other new machines that will be coming in the Farming Simulator 22 Platinum expansion.

The Volvo L200H wheel loader’s design makes loading large log loads easy work. It can grab multiple logs in one go, which will come in handy for off-loading and on-loading purposes. It appears that the physics of large loads like logs are a little more dynamic compared to past games. With this as the focus of the new map, players who’ve majored in logging in the past should feel the difference.

The preview also featured a new John Deere tractor with an implement that specializes in tree cutting. It’s capable of handing two trees at once, rather than just cutting them down one-by-one. A smaller John Deere tractor was shown off,and it falls into the skidder category. It’s used for grabbing cut trees so they can be carried out of the way from the cutting area and placed where needed.

As alluded to in the video, Giants still has plenty of unrevealed content for the expansion. The new map, for example, still has not been shown in full. The Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Edition/Expansion launches on November 17. We’ll see if more reveals come in before the fall.