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2022-08-12 21:29:32 By : Ms. Kerry Y

The Automated Jaw Pallet Systems (AJPS) from Kitagawa Delivers High Precision Workholding Ideal for flexible High Mix, Low-to-Moderate Volume Machining

Kitagawa North-Tech, Inc., the most trusted and respected leader in workholding products, standard and custom engineered solutions and services introduces their new Automated Jaw Pallet System (AJPS) for Robot tended CNC Mill/Turning cells utilized in flexible automated production environments. The Kitagawa Automated Jaw Pallet System in conjunction with Kitagawa Promano Grippers provide seamless flexibility in a Robot tended machining environment by automating the Workholding and Part Holding change-over allowing the cell to run many different parts in low volumes consecutively, congruently and un- attended. It is an affordable and powerful automation solution exclusively from Kitagawa for lights out, un-attended over-night machining of parts in low volumes in Robot tended CNC Mill/Turning centers. The Automated Jaw Pallet System from Kitagawa Redefines the Viability of Using Automated Workholding in Low-to-Moderate Parts Volume CNC Machining Operations The Automated Jaw Pallet System breaks the financial barriers and preconceived notions associated with implementing robotic automation and automated Workholding in CNC machining and parts production operations. Up until now, deploying automation in machine shops was considered only financially viable in high volume; low-parts mix automated CNC machining scenarios. With Kitagawa’s new Automated Jaw Pallet System and Promano Grippers even machine shops with low-to-moderate volume parts production can now affordably deploy Kitagawa’s AJPS solution with robotic automation in their machining operations. Kitagawa’s AJPS is used to run multiple jobs consecutively overnight, from one to another for maximum productivity, efficiency and profits in machine shops. AJPS offers many other design advantages and unique capabilities including:

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