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2022-06-10 20:43:10 By : Ms. Helen Wang

Three gluing systems blended together with perfect aesthetics and functionality - the perfect aesthetics of panels, even in large batch production, has always been one of the main objectives of SCM Group’s technological research.

The new AirFusion and PuBox L solutions not only provide innovative and real advantages for the operator, but also increases the already-impressive range of edge gluing technologies, such as the glue roller optimised with a tank or the SlimLine technology.

All SCM Group’s edge gluing technologies have been designed with a focus on competitiveness, cost effective production, investment scalability and maximum care for the materials used. 

AirFusion AirFusion provides a surprising level of finishing quality. This technology, edgebanding without glue, ensures the joint between the edge and the panel is invisible. Pressurised air at a high temperature is conveyed on a specific edge so that a layer of the material fuses with the panel, therefore ensuring a perfect ‘glue-free’ finish.

The extremely versatile AirFusion technology is compatible and can be perfectly integrated with traditional gluing technologies. It is also available on the whole range of the SCM Group’s edgebanders, starting from the Olimpic K360 range.

AirFusion, with speeds from 15 to 25m/min, can be configured to achieve optimum levels of performance.

PUR glue Being more competitive due to quality edgebanding with a limited level of investment seems to be impossible vision. But the patented Slim Line edgebanding technology has made this a reality. The PUR glue can be applied directly onto the non-porous surface edge and the quantity of glue dispensed can be precisely regulated, even with practically invisible glue lines of just 0.08mm. This considerable aesthetic quality can be achieved with an extremely small investment.

PUR glue, whose quality is acknowledged and certified by the strictest tests (Uni 9240:1987, for adhesion/tearing; Din 68930, heat/humidity climate cycle; Uni 9242:1987, heat resistance of edges), ensures maximum machining quality and technically perfect results.

PU Box L The new pre-melting device for polyurethane glue, PU Box L, with its compact design and perfect integration within the machine, is designed to maintain the performance of PUR glue at optimal levels and improve consumption by melting the glue only when it is required.

The exclusive CFS cooling device prevents the undesired increase in viscosity and, therefore, the progressive ageing of the glue that is left in the melting chamber.

A fast-melting and glue level reset system in the PU Box L prevents incrustations, by reducing the quantity of melted glue in the glue tank by 50%, providing the maximum level of protection from humidity – and therefore from reticulation – as far as the application roller zone, also due to the direct closed circuit coupling of the pre-meting device with the glue tank.

These are just some of the numerous technical features that prove how SCM Group’s mission is focused on transforming innovation into tools that allow companies and operators to create better products and increase their competitiveness.

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