Multifunctional computer spring machine and wire forming machine combination

HYD-60T-16ASixteen-axis multi-functional combined machine Technical parameters:Model                                       &n

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Sixteen-axis multi-functional combined machine

Technical parameters:
Model                                            HYD-60T-16A
Axis Count                                   16 aixs
Wire Size range                            steel wire:2-6mm   
iron wire:3-8mm
Maximum wire length                Unlimted
Max feeding speed                        80m/min
Wire Feeding wheel count            4 pairs
Motor power consumption            59KW
Reducer                                         13 pcs
Machine size                                 3600×1400×2050mm
Weight                                           4500kg
Power AC                                      3-380VAC 50Hz

Machine Features:
The first combined machine of multi-functional spring machine and wire forming machine, effectively combines the characteristics of the two models,improve the adaptability of machine, achieve the" one machine with two function .It's a new product that is the most cost-effective in the spring machine industry.

1. Using the link rocker design, independent single-axis servo motor control, simple and convenient operation, shaped spring can be placed by the angle of the tooling to reduce setup times,Increase productivity.
2. Reverse lifting platform reaches the maximum bending frame size 600mm * 1000mm, professional processing line for molding.
3. Taiwan roller guides, good wear resistance, more durable to maintain accuracy.
4. The design of hydraulic shears, cut directly after forming without cutting back again, indirectly enhance productivity.
5. Taiwan control system, more effectively ensure the mechanical and  computer synchronization.
6. To Line separating the motor and the power transmission line box, reducing wire feed box load, increasing the turn angle of the line, effectively guarantee the accuracy of feeding lines and transfer lines.

Combination of Multifunctional Computer Spring Machine & Wire Forming Machine

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