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2021 is coming to an end, and the MCUs that people in the industry are always paying attention to are still out of stock and rising in price. There has also been a wave of domestic substitutions in China. Various manufacturers in the industry have focused their attention on alternative domestic MCUs.Some local products are required to use more than 90% of domestic devices. Due to the impact of core shortage, engineers will also be required to give priority to using domestic devices in alternative solutions.

According to statistics from IHS Market, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of China's MCU market in the past five years is 7.2%, which is four times the growth rate of the global MCU market during the same period. In 2019, the scale of China's MCU market reached 25.6 billion yuan.As the growth rate of China's Internet of Things and new energy automobile industry leads the world, the demand for MCU products in downstream application products remains strong, and the growth rate of China's MCU market continues to lead the world. STM32F429BIT6

MCU Domestic Selection Collection-Breadboard Community

The demand for domestic MCU is strong, and the speed of research and development and replacement is also significantly accelerated.The editor has compiled some domestic MCU replacement selection guides, which you can use as a replacement reference.

The following are 20 domestic high-performance MCUs selected from well-known companies participating in the third "Hardcore China Chip", which can be used as a reference for MCU replacement in the market.Collect now!

The domestic CKS32F103R8T6 can replace the STM32F103R8T6 for the IO-Link module. IO-Link is an IO communication technology that can realize the communication between the controller and the lowest level of automation. The information is transmitted to the controller through the field bus network, realizing the informatization of the device, improving work efficiency and reducing production costs.

As an EtherNet/IP slave station, the module is connected to the controller of the EtherNet/IP interface, and then uploaded to the main processor through the PLC to form an industrial field network control.Previously, a customer’s IO-LINK module used STM32F103R8T6 as the main control, communicated with FPAG through the parallel port, FPGA expanded 485 interfaces, and each 485 interface connected multiple sensor modules in series, so as to upload the information of the sensor modules to the general controller.

At present, STM32F103R8T6 is in a state of shortage and price increase, while the domestically produced CKS32F103R8T6 of Zhongkexin can achieve high compatibility of software and hardware. After comparison, the pins are fully compatible, and the same processor core. The following is the parameter comparison table of the two chips:

It can be seen from the above table that the parameter peripherals of CKS32F103R8T6 and STM32F103R8T6 are completely consistent, and the hardware is fully compatible.In terms of software, the program code is exactly the same, and the HEX file that originally used STM32F103R8T6 is downloaded directly, and the function replacement can be easily realized.And the execution speed is faster, because the arm sum of the CKS32F103R8T6 chip is newer than that of the STM32F103R8T6 chip, the software delay time is 20% to 30% shorter than that of ST, and the price is also cheaper.The principle block diagram is as follows:

In addition to the above cases, Zhongkexin also has the following replacement cases:

CKS32F103VBT6 can replace STM32F103VBT61 in broadcast transmitter microcontroller application;

CKS32F103C4T6 can be used in smart dishwashers that can replace STM32F103C4T61;

CKS32F051K8T6 can replace STM32F051K8T6 for humidifier;

CKS32F030F4P6 can replace STM32F030F4P6 for smart home control system.

GD32-bit MCU and STM32 selection and replacement guide

According to the naming rules of the MCU, the product type and product sub-series of the MCU can be known.Number of pins, Flash size, package and operating temperature range, which focuses on the number of pins, Flash size, package and operating temperature range.The GD32 series MCU naming rules are as shown in Figure 1.

The STM32 series MCU naming rules are as shown in Figure 2.

GD32 and STM32 have the same naming rules. According to the MCU model of STM32 provided by the customer, you can find and replace it in the corresponding MCU model of GD32.

Let's take the STM32F103 series, which has been asked more, as an example for MCU selection and replacement.According to the STM32F103 model provided by the customer, the datasheet of the STM32F103 series can be downloaded from the ST official website.According to the naming rules, you can find the datasheet of the corresponding GD32F103 series MCU, and then view and compare the detailed information of the two MCUs through the datasheet.

In the Pinouts and pin description chapter of the STM32F103 manual, check the pinouts under different pins and packages of the STM32 series MCU.

The following are the Pinouts of the STM32F103 series, as shown in Figure 3 below.

In the Pinouts and pin assignment chapter of the GD32F103 manual, check the pinouts of different pins and packages of the GD32 series MCU.

The following are the Pinouts of GD32F103, as shown in Figure 4 below.

By checking the Pinouts, you can determine whether the two MCU pins are compatible on the hardware pins.

MCU Domestic Selection Collection-Breadboard Community

STM32F103R8T6 Check the pin definitions of the STM32 series MCU in the Table5 chapter of the STM32F103 manual, focusing on the functions of the pins.Check the Pin definitions of the GD32 series MCU in the Pin definitions chapter of the GD32F103 manual to compare the differences between the two.

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