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2022-05-21 00:34:44 By : Mr. willie yu

The Turkish woodworking machinery sector, respected worldwide for the machinery and services it offers to the market, broke the export record again in 2021. Evaluating the success of the industry, AIMSAD secretary general, Arif Onur Kaçak, believes that the industry will continue to break records.

2021 saw the Turkish woodworking machinery sector break the export record again, equalling its record for the fourth time in a row. Evaluating this success, Arif comments: “As the Turkish woodworking machinery industry, we write a new success story at the end of each year. 

“Not only our export figures but also our production and domestic sales are on the rise. We fully believe that our industry, which has become one of the important players of the world woodworking machinery industry with its high-tech machinery and services, will add new successes to its list.”

Noting that the woodworking machinery industry – which realised the highest export of all time with $110m at the end of 2020 – increased its exports by 15.69% by the end of 2021, Arif said: “When the export figures are examined, it is seen that the total export of the sector at the end of 2021 was realised at the level of $126,629,000.

“The production of our industry, which increases its production capacities every year to meet the demands of machinery from many different countries, increased by 18.44% at the end of 2021 and reached $301,498,000.”

The United Kingdom is one of the important export markets for Turkey

Arif explains that the Turkish woodworking machinery industry exports to many different regions of the world: “The Turkish woodworking machinery industry made the most exports to Iraq with $7,427,000 in 2021. Russia followed Iraq with $6,672,000. After Russia, England came with $4,595,000.’’

Arif also underlined that England, which imports $300m worth of woodworking machinery annually, is one of the priority and potential markets for the Turkish woodworking machinery industry.

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